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Raquel M. R. Thomas’ Life Imitates Art In New Book What Becomes Of A Broken Soul

Not to be limited by her meager beginnings, Raquel M. R. Thomas used the no. 2 pencil to create a world of possibilities through the short stories she penned, that would become her debut fictional, “What Becomes of a Broken Soul”-which propelled her into much success.

Loosely based on her life, Raquel reflects on the many challenges she faced, persevered, and how love can overcome the most dysfunctional upbringing. “My mission for my book is to embody a new pair of eyes on every woman that reads this body of work. These stories are meant to inspire and I hope to do just that with ‘What Becomes of a Broken Soul’, says author Raquel M. R. Thomas.


Motivated to overcome her situation and with little support from her parents, Raquel M. R. Thomas went on to graduate from High School and obtain both her Bachelor’s and Master’s degree. Determine to not repeat the pattern of her childhood, at the tender age of 35, Raquel is an owner of 5 businesses in which she gives back to the community by mentoring and counseling emerging entrepreneurs. In her efforts, she wants to give support and resources to those who possess the same drive and vision to see beyond their circumstances as she did.

From the success of “What Becomes of a Broken Soul”, Raquel realizes that she has the power to inspire and motivate in nonconventional authentic methods, which has to lead to the launching of her organization Dream Catchers Foundation. “I know my story is not rare, and can help build up and encourage the next set of female readers, who are searching for a better ‘Them’.”

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