It’s Officially Time To Stack Weights Out Here – Get To Know #TeamSwoh

TeamSwoh has officially been in business since September 2017.  Prior to getting trademarked and becoming an LLC, they were well known for many years by the local fitness community in the state of Delaware. 

TeamSwoh started when the owner bought a hat with “#TeamSwoh” embroidered on it and wore it everywhere.  People in the gym and on the street became curious about the saying and began asking what SWOH meant.

They took the fitness term “swole” and respelled it “SWOH”, which is also an acronym for “Stacking Weights Out Here.” 

Their mission is to help their clients become the absolute best version of themselves physically & mentally. Their services range from personal training (for locals in the tri-state area) and tailored training programs are available to suit any fitness needs and goals. 

Team SWOH has the freshest apparel available for both men and women to rock in AND out of the gym! Contact Team SWOH to join the Team. Their motto is, “Together we will eat good, feel good, and look good! Let’s grind and get SWOH!”

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