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Natural Hair May Be Linked To Self-Love

Unless you’ve been living under a rock with no wifi then, I’m pretty sure you have been a witness to this natural hair movement within the Black community. One by one, Black women everywhere are ditching the relaxers and weaves for a more ethnic look. I mean seriously, the natural self-love movement is something beautiful to witness especially now when it seems a woman’s beauty is dependent on the size of her booty regardless as to whether it is real, purchased or injected with cement. It’s no secret that many women, especially Black women suffer with stress, body image and self-esteem issues. Black culture objectifies us, Black men degrade us and some women have gone so far as to make a disgrace of their own selves for a shot at social media fame. It’s high time that something positive happened to give the Black woman a confidence boost and helped her ego. Personally, my natural journey was a result of a hair accident however, I’m noticing that going natural has been more of a much needed catalyst for me to focus on improving my life than a simple change of a hairstyle. Take a look at the list of added benefits of going natural and give it a try for yourself. It will be one small step in the right direction that can help change your entire life.

You will redefine your idea of beautiful

We all have that one look, that one side swoop that when you look in the mirror you just know you the ish. Yeah, there will be days where your ego won’t be bursting with confidence thanks to your new natural look. You may feel that your hair is too short, you have too much shrinkage or you don’t have the right curl pattern to “feel” cute. Don’t beat yourself up though, play around with it and give it time. You are bound to find a style that looks great on you.

You will become a makeup connoisseur

I’m not exactly sure how it happens. I assume it’s because of the dozens of photos you will scroll through for inspiration online. You will not only find ladies who have amazing hair styles but, their makeup is flawless and faces are “beat to the gawds”. Therefore, you’ll soon discover that natural hair and makeup really go hand in hand.

You start to become a fitness guru

When you don’t feel so cute because your hair seems unmanageable, you start to notice other things that could use some much needed attention on your body as well. For instance, my TWA (teeny weeny afro) doesn’t look so good with my (fat) round face so those 20 lbs I keep talking about losing have now become a top priority. Clean eating, drinking more water and being fit are all part of this process.

You learn a new language

Not in a foreign kinda way but, you start speaking the language of naturals everywhere. You will say things like co-wash, wash day, big chop, twa, coil, and bantu.

You care less of other people’s opinion

At some point, you get thick skin and start to love your natural self in its entirety so you become less concerned with anyone who doesn’t.

You get the itch to become an Entrepreneur

After hours of scrolling through YouTube videos trying to find the right one to emulate, you become somewhat of an expert on how the information is being delivered to you. Even if you don’t go through with it, the thought of creating a vlog, blog or YouTube channel will cross your mind. You may even consider if you can build a beauty brand while you are experimenting with mixing oils together to find the perfect conditioner to moisturize your hair. Why read everyone else’s tutorials on the topic? If you have a fresh idea or new invention then go for it!

You will not get the perfect Twistout on your first try

Listen, everyone’s hair looks good online but, the second you try using Eco Styler Gel, curling butter and some perm rods you come out looking like an electrified poodle. Don’t worry, practice makes perfect and if you can’t get it right just say, that style isn’t for your hair type.

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