Getting To The Tea With Author & Editor-In-Chief Tunisha C. Brown

When my son went away to college, we had an amazing conversation one day regarding why he wasn’t receiving the things he thought he should from life. I told him how is he looking for life to give him so many things that he was not willing to put in the work to receive? At that moment, I said to him, “That’s because you don’t know who you are! You don’t know who you are and that is why you don’t understand why life is taking you in the opposite direction of what you depicted for yourself.” I left him know that I had been in that same space plenty of times when I’m at a new level in life.

I said, “One of the many things that came across after I dropped you off at school was, ‘What am I going to do with my life now you are gone to school?’ Why did I ask myself this question when I have a full magazine, a candle business, thousands of people who attain information from me, events… why did I ask myself this question? It was because at that moment in time, I was didn’t know who I was and that I was ushering into a new level for myself.” After we spoke about it all and developed a plan for him to not only get to know who he is, understand his purpose, developed a plan with the pros and cons, he was ready to move forward within his life.

Once we had gotten off the phone, I knew other people would are in the same situation as we were in. Getting to the next level in life will have you at crossroads if you don’t first grab a hold of who you are in the moment. You can’t go off of the past, you have to hold fast to who you are today and own your story. Don’t be ashamed of the story, but own it and work through those things that you don’t like and the things you love about yourself. Here is where I developed the self-healing workbook, “I’ve Got The Tea That Will Get Me To The Juice.”

Once the workbook hit, the pre-sales were amazing! A city-to-city book tour was planned and then… COVID-19 hit! What do I do? My ENTIRE business model changed, I actually had to put the book into motion. Stepping back to access the situation, I found myself on a new level in my personal and business life. Personally, I’m having to get my health in order to be able to fight this new virus that is attacking the body and business wise, I’m shifting to a new virtual reality.

Herein lies the virtual book tour! My desire was to bring in some guests who can speak on key components that are highlighted in the workbook. The women chosen have been amazing! If you’ve missed the actual first round of the tour, no worries, here is the video of the conversations with Senior Contributor of ForbesWomen, Christine Michel Carter, Fashion Bomb Daily’s Claire Sulmers, and CEO of Upscale Noire, LaNee Javet.


I’ve Got The Tea Virtual Book Tour w/Best-Selling Author Christine Michel Carter
Virtual Book Tour w/Fashion Bomb Daily’s, Claire Sulmers
Virtual Book Tour w/CEO of Upscale Noire, LaNee Javet

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